Daughter Zavorotnyuk told the truth about the mother's condition

 Daughter Zavorotnyuk told the truth about her mother's condition

The daughter of the famous actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk spoke about the condition of her mother with cancer. It turned out that the situation is not improving much.

Anna Zavorotnyuk shared her candid confession on her Instagram page. Fans often ask the daughter of the actress questions about the condition of the star of the series “My fair nanny”, but most often they remain unanswered. This time, Anna made an exception.

So, fans asked if Zavorotnyuk's condition had improved. Her daughter said that she and her family are trying to hold on, but it's hard for her to see her mother in such a state.

to see her like this,” wrote Anna Zavorotnyuk.

In her own words, the daughter of the actress could hint that the rumors about the appearance of Zavorotnyuk, who allegedly lost her hair and moves in a wheelchair, may turn out to be true.

Recall that in early autumn 2019, the media reported that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was seriously ill and was hospitalized. After that, her husband Peter Chernyshev refrained from speaking. The actress herself “disappeared” from social networks.

In May 2020, Zavorotnyuk was officially diagnosed with glioblastoma in Russia for the first time. And recently it became known that the daughter of a cancer patient Zavorotnyuk canceled the wedding because of her illness.

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