Daughter Zavorotnyuk left the Russian Federation and enjoys life in the Emirates

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 Daughter Zavorotnyuk left Russia and enjoys life in the Emirates

The daughter of Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, who had been battling a rare form of cancer for a long time, Anna went to live in Dubai.

This is reported by the Russian media.
< br /> It is clarified that Anna, who actively shares the events of her life on Instagram, went to an Arab country with her fiancé, as she received a lucrative job offer.

After leaving her homeland, the model informed fans about health problems However, she soon reported that she had recovered. On Valentine's Day, the girl left a touching post about her chosen one.

“He's wonderful! Insanely kind, sincere and interesting! We will soon have an anniversary — 8 years together",– she said.

Meanwhile, after the move, Anna actively shows users how to have fun in the Emirates and enjoy life. She visits beaches, goes to restaurants and attractions.

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