Daughter Olga Freimut stunned fans: “the girl has to be success”

Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех»

The last time the daughter of Olga Freimut Zlata Mitchell each new photo shocking the audience

In February, the daughter of Olga Freimut was 13 years old, but the girl is already being promoted in the fashion world. Zlata follows the trend tendencies, and his blog shows stylish images. Now, for her page in Instagram following a decent number of followers, and we can confidently say a girl will succeed.

Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех»

Photographs of his daughter Olga Freimut instantly gather thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, and no one publication does not remain without attention. The girl often shared with fans photos from fashion parties, where she appears with trendy make-UPS and stylish outfits.

Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех» Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех»

And recently she even launched her own collection of teen clothing. Users often criticize Zlata due to the fact that at such a young age, she tries on adult images.

Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех» Дочь Ольги Фреймут ошарашила поклонников: «девочку ждет успех»

The fact that the photo of the girl posing with bright makeup and styling. Languid eyes and pouting lips did their job and the shots Zlata looks older than his age. But the followers continue to follow the life of Mitchell and find more reasons to criticize the girl. Daughter Olga is accused in the fact that she is not watching their weight and those extra pounds are already very noticeable.

Previously we wrote about the fact that the daughter of TV presenter Oli Freimut Zlata Mitchell seems seriously interested in not only design but also dance. She often boasts of his improvisations on the network. In particular, recently she posted a video which takes the hip-hop. Interesting that he is extremely interested in the comments to her video praising her style.

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“Zlata, you have the handwriting. Free and beautiful. Anyone not like. Professional,” wrote Olga under the post daughter. If you compare the video of the dancing Zlata in August and September, it is noticeable that the girl lost weight this month. By the way, three years ago, Freimut remembered how to start to gain weight in childhood, and her mom she immediately said. The opinions of subscribers on the page was divided one wrote how awful dancing girl, while others praised and wished success in the development of the dance.

We will remind that Olga Freimut decided to compete with Ani Lorak.

As he wrote Politeka, Freimut went to nenavistyu.

Also Politeka wrote that the voucher has published a strange photo under the chandelier.

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