Daughter of Jolie and pitt officially changed his name to John

Дочь Джоли и Питта официально сменила имя на Джона

Daughter of Jolie and pitt officially changed his name to John
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Renaming was decorated with a resolution of a stellar parent.

13-year-old daughter of Hollywood actors Angelina Jolie and brad pitt Shiloh has taken the first step to transgender transition. Now she is a man the name is John. Reported by the New Idea.

For many years the child of famous parents, prefers to wear boys ‘ clothes and responds exclusively to a male name. Has long been known that the girl wants to do a sex change operation. However, many believe that the desire of the Shiloh children’s mischief.

According to close associates of Jolie, the actress always serious about such statements of the successor and promised to support her choice. Star girl’s mother kept his word and she and pitt have given their consent to the official renaming Shiloh. But she can’t do surgery until she reaches adulthood.

Brad recently rarely see her daughter.Insider has calculated the time that the star father spent in separation from Shiloh. It turned out that they had not seen 1352 day (over three years).

– Brad has a very strained relationship with Angelina. Every time it seems that they might reconcile for the sake of the welfare of children, pitt feels that it prevents it. It seems that Angie customizes heirs against him. Most of the time children spend with her and she enjoys it, – said the source publication.

Close to the pitt confirmed that the actor often can’t see the kids at fault ex-wife.

– He’s already lost count how many times she has canceled their meeting for some false reason. Unfortunately, in this situation, it is powerless. Of course, he wants to be with the kids more often. Especially he is concerned about the situation of Shiloh – a girl hostile, although her father was never conflict, – said the insider.

By the WAY

Brad pitt is not hiding a relationship with a young actress

Together with a 30-year-old Aliya shokat the actor visited the concert hall “Hollywood bowl” (Los Angeles), where he held the premiere of Kanye West’s “Nebuchadnezzar”.

Over the last six months, journalists have repeatedly seen them together at social events. According to witnesses, every time celebrities try to stay next to each other and are not shy to show feelings in public.

Дочь Джоли и Питта официально сменила имя на Джона

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