Daughter Mila Jovovich was hospitalized a week after birth

Дочь Милы Йовович госпитализировали спустя неделю после рождения

Daughter Mila Jovovich was hospitalized a week after birth
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Photo: instagram.com/millajovovich

The girl was diagnosed with a severe form of jaundice.

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich announced to fans via social networks more than a week, forced to stay in the hospital with a newborn daughter Ocean. The reason for this was a severe form of jaundice, which the girl was diagnosed with soon after birth. The artist has published in Instagram post, which showed how the middle daughter of Dashiel to take care of a newborn sister.

Have Ocean a severe case of jaundice, so we had to go to the hospital for a week. The doctors recommended her a high-calorie diet. But she quickly falls asleep during breastfeeding, we have to finish feeding her expressed milk from a bottle, wrote of Mila in Instagram.

The star also said that now the family awaits the results of tests for antibodies, which were taken from the girls during the week.

Poor so many small scratches on the heels, where they took blood to check for antibodies, it makes my heart break. But I hope the blood work they did today will show that she’s better, ‘ added the actress.

Jovovich gave birth to a daughter Director Paul Anderson on 2 February. This is the third child of the couple. They also raise two daughters – 13-year-old ever Gabo, and 4-year-old Dashiel Eden.

Mile 44 years, she is originally from Kiev. The actress moved to the U.S. with his family in 1980. 9 years worked as a model, but 13 started acting in movies. The greatest popularity was brought to her roles in the films “the Fifth element” and “Resident evil”. In the CIS it is also known for her role as Hope in the Comedy “Freaks”, where she played and voiced the character in the Russian language.

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Physiological jaundice is not dangerous for the baby’s health condition, which may manifest on the second day after birth. It is caused by the fact that the liver of the child rebuilds to work outside the womb. Most often the disease is during the first three weeks of life. Its main symptom is severe yellowness of the skin.

Дочь Милы Йовович госпитализировали спустя неделю после рождения

4-year-old daughter of actress Dashiel to take care of a newborn sister Photo: Instagram


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