Daughter Loboda hinted at her pregnancy?

Дочь Лободы намекнула на ее беременность?

Daughter Loboda hinted at her pregnancy?
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Photo: Instagram screenshotLobodaofficial

“Your love is already waiting brother” – perhaps the girl blabbed.

Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, which has long lived and worked in Russia, has posted on his Facebook page a touching short video with an older daughter with me, was really exciting.

Loboda in the video talking with its markedly grown-up daughter. At the end of the video Eva turns to the mother, indicating that waiting for a baby brother:

Your love is already waiting brother – said Evangelina.

– So quiet! – stopped the conversation mom.

What does the word “already”, for sure no one understood. Maybe the singer is already pregnant, and the eldest daughter blabbed. Maybe Evangeline waiting for a long time brother, but for now just waiting and informs. Svetlana, of course, is in no hurry to explain, however, the video is no one to hide did not become. And this woman does nothing by accident.

I must say that the hints from Evangeline are already permanent. At the end of November Loboda has already posted a video where her daughter gave her a card, too, contained a wish about brother.

– My wishes: health, happiness, love, son, fulfillment of all desires, read girl the contents of the cards.

– Oh my God, I understand! – answered Loboda.

And recently, Loboda remembered how I felt and what I was doing on the 9th month of pregnancy. And wrote about it in social networks. Why, you ask?

Rumors about the affair till Lindemann and Svetlana Loboda go for several years. The youngest daughter of the singer’s name is Tilde. The singer did not disclose the name of her father.

As previously reported by “KP in Ukraine”, Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda touched followers post about your grandmother Masha, 30 Nov turned 82 years old.



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