Daughter Dobkin showed the grown son: “hero”

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

The daughter of the scandalous people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin has recently introduced a new picture of his grown son

Alla Dobkin gave birth to her first child on 22 October last year. The boy was named mark. His father, Oleg Gurevich, professional tennis player and the son of a former adviser of Mikhail Dobkin on the fuel and energy complex Oleg Gurevich.

Know that your child Alla Dobkin gave birth in Austria. After that, she few months showed son to the public, but recently began to publish photos of him in his Instagram.

On the eve on her page there is a new snapshot with 4-month mark. In the photo, the mother has a grown son in her arms, clutching him to her.

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

“Just love”, — has signed a snapshot Dobkin.

In the comments under the photo there are a lot of rave reviews.

“How pretty you!”, “Tenderness”, “hero”, “sweet Bun”, “the Perfect Creation”, “What is it , Marik sweet” — members admire Dobkins.

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

Дочь Добкина показала подросшего сына: «Богатырь»

Earlier, we reported that the daughter of odious people’s Deputy Mikhail Dobkin for the first time showed the face of a little boy.

Black-and-white photo, which Dobkin Alla posing with the three-month mark, is the daughter of MP recently.

A young mother showed the baby to subscribers, because before that she was hiding my son’s face for emoticons. One photo Alla did not stop and gave the moms some tips on how to prepare for the most important event – the birth.

For example, she recommends that pregnant women not eat everything, hoping that after birth, the extra pounds will melt away by themselves as much as possible to eliminate from the diet spices and salt, to eat only light and healthy food.

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Dobkin also recommends that you pay special attention to the skin, a lot of walking and breathing fresh air. From walking, she says, well the blood circulates and facilitates the condition of pregnant women in the last weeks of the term. Also a good idea to buy a special device.

According to Alla, every expectant mother should use the remaining time for maximum benefit: exercise, plenty of sleep, meet friends, go to movies and theaters, to pamper yourself because with the baby, many of these everyday pleasures will become available.

We will remind, the son Dobkin cynically boasted rest in the Crimea.

As he wrote Politeka, Dobkin disgraced in a new interview with Sharii.

Also Politeka wrote that pregnant daughter Dobkin revealed tattooed belly.

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