Daughter Ani Lorak after the divorce became a “bride”:”Angel”

Дочь Ани Лорак после развода родителей стала "невестой":"Ангелочек"

The daughter of a famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who lives and works in Russia appeared on Instagram of the star mom in an unusual way

Little Sofia tried on a dress of the bride.

“Meanwhile, little Diva gives a ray of light to the world ! 🦋All warmth and joy!” — signed the Lorak.

Дочь Ани Лорак после развода родителей стала "невестой":"Ангелочек"

Her fans were delighted with such cute pictures. The comments poured in following:
“Angel”, “Oh what a Princess”, “Doll”, etc.

Дочь Ани Лорак после развода родителей стала "невестой":"Ангелочек"

Дочь Ани Лорак после развода родителей стала "невестой":"Ангелочек"

As is known, Ani Lorak before she divorced her husband. She lived with her husband, Turkish businessman Murat Nalchajian, within two years prior to the date of divorce.

This information was confirmed in the Shevchenko district court of Kiev.

It is known that the singer was officially divorced on January 31. Because the spouses have not lived together for two years, it has accelerated the divorce process.

As the reason for divorce, the actress stated “the lack of common views on family life”. In addition, she mentioned the lack of trust, respect and love. According to Ani Lorak, the preservation of marriage would be contrary to the interests of the spouses themselves, and the interests of their daughter Sophia.

“Married life did not work, because there are no common views on family life, trust, a sense of love and respect is lost”, — stated in the unified state register.

After her divorce from Murad lorac on his page in the social network posted a new photo, which poses in the walk. The photo that appeared in the account of Ani Lorak, she appeared on the overview of the audience in “biker” attire. Her warm leather jacket of black color, which looks white jacket. Hands – black leather gloves, and the eyes sunglasses. Hair Lorak collected back, and his massive earrings.

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Дочь Ани Лорак после развода родителей стала "невестой":"Ангелочек"

We will remind that the lawyer Lorak told about the division of property and parental rights.

As reported Politeka Ani Lorak pathetic because of his appearance: “Time to finish with beauty shots”.

Also Politeka wrote that Lazarev traded Lorak on the young blonde beauty.

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