Danyluk told about the details of the meeting of the NSDC

Данилюк рассказал о деталях заседания СНБО

The government makes a decision that will allow to avoid increase in electricity tariffs.

The President’s meeting with members of the national security Council and leaders of the energy industry revealed “several systemic problems in the energy sector, which may pose a threat to national security”.

According to him, the participants “evaluated the possible consequences of the introduction of the second phase of full-scale electricity market from 1 July and the expediency of its postponement”.

“The Prime Minister of Ukraine assured that the government will take a decision which will allow to avoid increasing tariffs for electricity — irrespective of the date of application,” — said danyluk.

Also, he added, in a short time will be paid arrears of wages to miners of the state mines.

“The government should introduce an effective mechanism of improvement of the situation in this area, primarily to enhance the safety of miners. At the initiative of the President resolved the issue of acquisition of housing for a family of a miner killed in a mine “the Forest” — said the NSDC Secretary.

Danyluk also said that the critical situation with the functioning of the enterprise “Water of Donbass” government “will fix it as soon as possible”.

“It is the restoration of water for more than 100 thousand of our citizens. The NSDC will subscribe, if necessary,” he said.

Zelensky introduced in the structure of the AP of their assistants and representatives

“I think this meeting is an example of constructive interaction between various government organs and agencies”, — concluded danyluk.

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