Dantes has picked up the top ideas for a gift for February 14 with no money, “Read to the end!”

Дантес подобрал топ идей для подарка на 14 февраля без денег: "Читайте до конца!"

Presenter, musician and blogger Vladimir Dantes, along with millions of other men wondered what to give a loved one on Valentine’s Day. If you have a lot of money – then no problem, this isn’t news, but try to surprise her with empty pockets

“You still think what to give to your favorite Valentine’s Day? Then read to the end! Let’s start with the fact that this person is absolutely not thinking about you (the guy, the husband). She allows herself to earn, while we men are in search of work. If you, like me, haven’t found the code to card favorite and can’t afford to buy her an expensive gift, she will certainly happy to get a gift made with your own hands. The more my hands are Golden,” he assured leading, reports “Know.sa”.

Дантес подобрал топ идей для подарка на 14 февраля без денег: "Читайте до конца!"

The first life hack from Dates: to write “an incredible letter” to “aged” with tea paper 4 and place it in a glass bottle. In his message, it is necessary to list all the positive life changes that have occurred thanks to the meeting with the beloved.

“Write that before you knew it you were a dog, that burns life, without a master, the house and warm bed. That one day, you saw a flash in the sky and the star that fell. You wish to have in your life it’s happiness and prosperity. And that wish was fulfilled, came down from heavens an angel named (here you insert the name). She saved lives, pulled from the darkness and on a similar f…Nude, some loosen. Put it in a bottle. And then bring her with the words: “Honey, look what I caught in the sea of human destinies”. Just a gun”.

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Дантес подобрал топ идей для подарка на 14 февраля без денег: "Читайте до конца!"

Not satisfied with the letter? Create your own money tree. It’s enough to take a few branches in a nearby Park:

“It is very simple, go to the Park, looking for a branch, like a tree, swinging back and change a hundred at a trifle in any store and the magic begins. Tape, only clear, neatly glue coins, types of leaves and there you have the tree,” he described the master-class of Vladimir.

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