Danish man dies after being bitten by a cat

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 Danish man dies after being bitten by a cat

A 33-year-old man died after being bitten by a cat in Denmark. The pet brought an infection into the body, which killed the man. The Daily Mail writes about the tragedy.

As the widow of Henrik Kriegbaum Plettner told the publication, a man took a cat with kittens from a shelter. Once he tried to take the kitten in his arms, and the mother cat did not like it, which bit Henrik's thumb hard.

After a while, the Dane's hand began to swell a lot. The man went to the doctors and was taken to the hospital. He spent a month in the hospital and underwent 15 surgeries.

Four months later, the doctors decided to cut off the bitten finger. But Plettner's condition continued to deteriorate. The weakened immunity of the man played its role – he suffered from several chronic diseases at once.

The examination showed that Plettner was infected with necrotizing fasciitis – a rare but very dangerous infection that affects the soft tissues of the body.
The infection entered the body of a man through a cat bite and spread. As a result, Plettner could not be saved.

The widow of the deceased advised you to seek medical attention, even if you were bitten by a pet. Otherwise, the consequences may be irreversible.

“Don't risk it,” – advice from a woman who has lost her husband.

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