Daniel Radcliffe Shock Diagnosis | BRAVO

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Daniel Radcliffe Shock Diagnosis | BRAVO

The “Harry Potter” series brought together an enormous number of well-known and (then still) unknown actors and their fates in one film series.

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It is hardly surprising that there were also dramas of all kinds! Just recently, a Harry Potter star burst into tears for living a lie all his life. 🥺 Some of the “Harry Potter” actors have now even passed away, which is a completely different form of drama … Now the leading actor in the film series has spoken out and opened up on a very private topic: Daniel Radcliffe is suffering from dyspraxia. What that meant for his everyday life and how “Harry Potter” helped him to fight the disease, he revealed in an interview.

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What dyspraxia is and how it shows up at Radcliffe

Dyspraxia is a disease Coordination and development disorder. People who suffer from this disease are no less intelligent – rather, the disease manifests itself through impaired motor skills, such as writing, driving, or handling small objects.

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It also has an influence on the perception and interpretation of external influences. People with dyspraxia may have difficulty speaking and remembering. The extent of the disease differs from person to person!

Since he was a child, Radcliffe had struggled with some things more than his fellow men of the same age.It was very difficult for me in school, I was really bad at everything and there was no talent to be recognized in anything“, The actor recalls in an interview. To counteract his illness, his mother introduced him to acting. His role in “Harry Potter” not only made him famous around the world – it also helped him get his illness under control.

“Harry Potter” was of great help to Radcliffe

Radcliffe was fortunate enough to have “had” to do regular exercises through the “Harry Potter” series in order to be prepared for the stunts of his role.The stunts and other things helped me a lot because it’s about coordination and I think that’s the most important thing when it comes to dyspraxia – coordination.“Thanks to regular exercise and some gymnastics exercises, I have helped him a lot in combating the symptoms of his dyspraxia. Now Radcliffe uses his celebrity to raise awareness of the disease and to help sick people. 💖




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