Daniel Craig on ‘Quantum of Solace’: “It was a mess”

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Daniel Craig on ‘Quantum of Solace’: “It was a mess”

Then Daniel Craig was first announced as the new Bond, not everyone liked this. However, he managed to score high as 007 in Casino Royale, but the sequel, Quantum of Solace, was much less well received. He now looks back on this.During a recent interview, the actor said he initially felt no pressure for the role, even though he received some criticism, mainly from the press, who did not consider him suitable for the role. This is how Craig begins: “I actually only have good memories of the recordings of Casino Royale”.

Despite the fact that a lot of negative things were said about me and the film, it didn’t matter much to me. I knew we had made a good movie. So I thought, ‘Wait, I’ll have the last laugh, because it’s going to be great’. I wasn’t worried about it“.

ContinuationCasino Royale was indeed very well received, but perhaps because of that the bar was set very high. Quantum of Solace was not well received. Craig found this difficult: “I began to long for the person I was during the filming of Casino Royale…

Sometimes knowing too much is not good. In the beginning I was not aware of how the franchise was put together, and how the world really looked at James Bond. When I started to understand, I really felt an immense pressure on my shoulders“.

DisappointingHowever, Craig himself also acknowledges that Quantum of Solace was disappointing. Thus he says himself:The problem with Quantum of Solace is that it was a bit of a sh*t show, to say the least. I was in a knot with myself, probably because of the enormous pressure…

On Quantum of Solace Craig returned as the world famous secret agent in Skyfall, Spectre on No Time to Die and tried to re-approach the role as it was at the time of Casino Royale: “I wanted to be able to enjoy it again“.

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