Dangerous than the presence of a TV in the bedroom

Scientists from Loughborough University came to the conclusion that children with televisions in their bedrooms are more likely to avoid fruits and vegetables, preferring the harmful high-calorie snacks.

Two-thirds of the young people surveyed reported that they did not eat sufficient quantities of fresh produce and spend more than two hours a day watching TV. These two bad habits are linked with a constant desire to eat unhealthy foods that are high in fat and sugar. It is possible that for this reason the rate of childhood obesity today are out of control, and every third child is overweight, researchers say. These findings based on a study of 527 children aged 11 to 12 years, demonstrating the alarming relationship between TV viewing and obesity.

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Allowing the child to watch TV in his own bedroom, the parents contribute to the emergence of excess weight, experts warn. They believe that the abundance of junk foods on television causes children’s irresistible temptation to taste junk food and consume more calories. In addition, the time spent at the television in the sitting position, may also cause the development of obesity, adversely affecting the cardiovascular system.

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