Dangerous criminal detained for interrogation 4 days after release from prison

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 Dangerous criminal detained for questioning 4 days after release from prison < /p>

Just a few days after being released from prison, the head of the Netanya criminal organization, Baruch Bokel, was already detained for questioning by the police. with his organization living in Kfar Yona, Kadima Zoran, Hadera and Netanya, and detained them for interrogation.

During the raid, cocaine, hashish and marijuana, body armor, NIS 100,000 in cash, thousands of counterfeit banknotes and 17 “workers” were seized from the suspects' homes. mobile phones. The fighters of the crime control department, in cooperation with the YSM and the MGB, found a homemade drum pistol in Bokel's house, as well as 50,000 shekels in cash, which were confiscated until the source of the money was clarified.

Bokel was released on Sunday this week from Shekma prison in Ashkelon after serving six years in prison for drug trafficking. Netanya and Sharon.

When Bokel was released from prison, the police of the Sharon district detained 15 of his people for interrogation, who came to greet their leader. three luxury cars, knives and clubs, safety vests and an airsoft gun.

“We won't let him breathe. We will monitor them 24 hours a day to prevent them from operating in Netanya and Sharon. He is a very dangerous criminal who managed to operate from prison in order to run his organization. He is the leader of one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the country”, — reported by the police.

Those close to Bokel claim that this is harassment by the police, who have no direct evidence against him or his people.

“They want to persecute him and intimidate", — claims one of the insiders.

After several hours of interrogation, Bokel was released.

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