“Dancing with the Stars”: how the project participants performed. Video

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Alexander Surovtsev has left the project.

New, fourth issue & # 171; stars & # 187; amazed with his Latin American numbers. The stars cleverly demonstrated their flexibility and plasticity, which they could learn after a week of rehearsals. What numbers did the star judges and viewers like the most?The fourth issue of Dancing with the Stars, which took place on September 26, featured 12 star couples. The theme of the broadcast was & # 171; Night of Latin & # 187;, so viewers should have expected a surge of real passion on the main floor of the country. Last season's winner, Santa Dimopoulos, was the guest judge of the show. And Artem Pivovarov became a special guest of the broadcast.

Yuri Gorbunov and Ivanna Onufriychuk remained unchanged hosts of the 4th edition, and the choreographer Yevgeny Kot became the host of the balcony. How the star members amazed the audience – look further.

Hot & # 171; Latina & # 187; by Chmerkovsky

The fourth issue of & # 171; Dancing with the Stars & # 187; opened by one of the judges of the project – the champion in Latin American dances Max Chmerkovsky in the company of show ballet. The ardent and bright number set the rhythm for the air, so we can only expect interesting performances.

Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar

The air was opened not only by Max Chmerkovsky, but also by a couple of Olga and Dmitry. The couple had to perform & # 171; dance-killer & # 187; – samba to the song of Nastya Kamenskikh & # 171; A HUEVO & # 187;. The number really impressed the judges, especially Max, who has long considered Harlan a contender for victory this season.

Behind the scenes of the show, Olga told one of her secrets – she began her current relationship with her ex-husband, but by that time they had not lived together for a year. Many of Olga's relatives did not accept such a relationship, but now she is happy to be with her chosen one. As for the spark with her partner Dmitry, then that she, that the choreographer denied everything, because each of them has a loved one. Therefore, on the floor, they only portray hot lovers.

Konstantin Voitenko and Roksolana Malanchuk

Ukrainian actor and the star of the series & # 171; When We Are Home & # 187; for the new broadcast, together with his partner, he prepared a sexy cha-cha-cha, dancing to the song LMFAO & # 171; Sexy and I Know It & # 187 ;. All the judges of the show reacted positively to the performance of the couple, only Ekaterina Kukhar expressed her displeasure.

In the video diary, the man said that while everyone on the project was competing for the title of the sex symbol of the show, the most beautiful and best girls were nearby. Despite his short stature, he conquered everyone with his charisma. But now he is married, so he can only be a womanizer on the project & # 171; Dancing with the Stars & # 187 ;.

MELOVIN and Liza Rusina

For Ukrainian artist & # 171; Mela & # 187; and Lisa this time had to dance the Argentine tango. They sang a number to the cover of Britney Spears' song & # 171; Toxic & # 187 ;.

Behind the scenes of the project, the artist told one of his secrets: the artist had his first sex in 2020, when he was 23 years old. He admitted that he never wanted to spend the first night without feelings for a person, so everything happened completely deliberately and wonderfully for him.

Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina

The star of the movie & # 171; My beloved Strashko & # 187; came out on the parquet of a new issue with a dance in the genre & # 171; jive & # 187 ;. They danced to a rather unusual song for a Latin American evening by Verka Serduchka & # 171; Gop-gop & # 187;. All the judges were passionate about the difficult and incredible support of the man in the dance.

In the video diary, the man said that despite a happy marriage with his wife, from whom he has a son, he also has an illegitimate son. The boy was born when Arthur was in a relationship with another girl for 6 years. The couple did not plan to get married, but, as Logai said, & # 171; when a couple lives together, they make love and from this often children can be born & # 187 ;. Despite this, his sons know each other and maintain excellent relations.

Alexey Surovtsev and Maria Kolosova

Stripper Alexei Surovtsev is also skillfully fighting for the title of the hottest sex symbol of the project. On the show floor, he danced a passionate cha-cha-cha with Maria with a lot of support.

The dance was assessed differently by the judges, but Vlad Yama noticed that Alexei is becoming more professional and better with each broadcast.

Lida Lee and Alexey Bazela

Ukrainian singer Lida Lee and Alexey took the stage, dancing incendiary salsa. For a very cool and professional performance, the judges rewarded a couple with high points.

In the frames of the video diary, the artist shared her personal: once she wanted to have a breast augmentation operation, as fans wrote too much about it. But on the day of the operation, before the doctor's session, she ran away from the clinic and decided not to change because of someone else's opinion.

Evgeniya Vlasova and Max Leonov

Last year's winner of the show, Max Leonov and his partner, singer Evgenia, performed lambada in the fourth issue, which the judges did not approve of.

Outside the performance, it became known that conflicts have been going on between the couple for several weeks, since Evgenia and Max cannot work together normally. At some point, the singer was ready to leave the project, but gathered her strength into a fist and continues to fight for the main cup of the show.

Stanislav Goruna and Danielle Preap

Olympic athlete Stanislav in the fourth issue of the project & # 171; Dancing with the Stars & # 187; danced samba to the song of Viktor Pavlik & # 171; Shikidym & # 187;. The judges appreciated the difficult steps of the Goruns, so they rewarded them with good points.

Behind the scenes of the show, the man shared that he had a conflict with Evgenia Vlasova during the rehearsal, but the very next day he apologized to her and gave her flowers. As for preparing the dance for the new broadcast, Stanislav is convinced that his wife will not be jealous of her partner, because everything they demonstrate in the show is just a production, not real emotions.

KADNAY and Alina Li

Participant and soloist KADNAY promised to return to the show in a comedic form, and he fulfilled his promise. For the new issue, he prepared a bright macarena together with Alina Li, who lit not only the judges, but the entire auditorium.

As for the secrets, Dmitry admitted that he recently starred completely naked for one video with Surovtsev's partner, Maria Koloseva. But what kind of video it was – he never explained. As an additional partner of the artist, Alina, she shared that with each broadcast it becomes more difficult for her to go to rehearsals, because her one-year-old child is waiting for her at home.

Fagot and Ekaterina Trishina

Leader of the TNMK group in in the new episode he performed a complex paso doble together with Ekaterina. It should be added that before the performance, Fagot became ill, his blood pressure rose. However, he decided to perform and go to the floor with his partner. The couple's efforts were appreciated at a high level.

Behind the scenes of the show, Oleg Mikhailyuta admitted that he had once been in a relationship with his dance partner Ekaterina. It was many years ago, but during the casting for & # 171; Dancing with the Stars & # 187; they met again, at least on the floor. They do not hide the fact that they have remained relatives to each other, but this gives them even more strength and energy to work together, and not to be strangers and get used to each other at the rehearsals of the show.

Jamala and Anton Nesterko

The singer and winner of Eurovision-2016 shared that it is unpleasant for her to read dirty comments about herself, so she will try to prove to everyone that she is worthy of the parquet. In the 4th issue, she became cha-cha-cha, changing her image – she dyed her platinum blonde. The judges, in particular Max Chmerkovsky, approved the reincarnation and the couple's number itself.

As for the secrets, Jamala said that for 10 years she refused to cooperate with one of the top US producers. She didn't like the fact that she would not be able to write songs for herself, have a family and be free in her actions. But she does not regret anything, since she has realized herself in Ukraine and has a loving family.

Alexandra Zaritskaya and Yuri Meshkov

The vocalist of the KAZKA group and Yuri were supposed to perform rumba this week. The act took place in seductive costumes, where Alexandra could fully demonstrate her sexuality. The number of the artist and her partner became the final one in the 4th issue.

The artist opened the curtain of her personal life and admitted that she had a piercing in her chest. According to her, such an experiment was not painful for her, but even a little pleasant. In general, she shared that piercings and tattoos on her body give her more confidence.

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