Dance with stars 2021 – how was the fifth broadcast from 03.10.2021 – video performances – TV show news

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Dance with stars 2021 – how was the fifth broadcast from 03.10.2021 – video performances – TV show news

The new episode of the show was dedicated to cinema. Participants reincarnated in the images of famous characters and showed the hidden sides of their character

How was the fifth broadcast of “Dancing with the Stars” / Photo: YouTube

Last evening another couple left the project, which lacked the points and votes of the audience. The fourth judge was the choreographer Ilona Gvozdeva, who joined with Ekaterina Kukhar, Vlad Yama and Max Chmerkovsky, and Yuri Tkach was the presenter on the balcony.

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An evening of movies at “Dancing with the Stars” opened Stanislav Goruna and Daniélla Preap with jive. The couple in the characters from the movie “Skazhene Vesіlla” managed to earn 27 points.

Then we went to the parquet Lida Li and Alexey Bazela… For their act, they chose looks from The Addams Family. Samba earned them 30 points.

Jamala and Anton Nesterko the whole week was preparing tango, inspired by the film “The Smell of a Woman” with Al Pacino. For this number, Jah even changed her hair. The couple’s efforts earned them 29 points.

Danced next Alexandra Zaritskaya and Yuri Meshkov… Their number was dedicated to the comedy “Chasing Two Hares” and the vocalist KAZKA tried on the image of Prony. In total, the couple has compliments from the judges and 28 points.

Waltz was performed on the fifth broadcast Dima Kadnaj and Lida Li… The theme of their dance was the movie “The Great Gatsby”. The pair, as always, earned the highest score – 34.

It’s the turn to go to the floor Evgenia Vlasova and Max Leonov… The singer was criticized a lot for her dance in the previous issue, to which Vlasova also responded sharply. The image of Zhenya got the appropriate – Maleficent. Paso Doble Vlasova and Leonov were rated 25 points.

Arthur Logay and Anna Karelina prepared for the new broadcast of Foxtrot dances. The actor got the image of an “ugly” guy from the Ukrainian TV series. The couple earned 31 points – Ilona Gvozdeva was the only judge who gave Logay and Karelina a score of 10.

Bassoon and Katerina Trishina danced a slow waltz last night. The couple got the images of the heroes of the legendary work “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”. The judges estimated the efforts of Fagot and Katerina at 26 points.

Slow foxtrot danced yesterday MELOVIN and Lisa Rusina… They earned 23 points. The singer finally found a common language with Ekaterina Kukhar – they exchanged gifts, and Mel even kissed the judge on the cheek.

The next on the floor presented their number Olga Harlan and Dmitry Dikusar… The Viennese waltz to the song from the movie “Titanic” brought them 33 points.

Closed the dance evening Konstantin Voitenko and Roksoliana Malanchuk… The actor tried on the image of the comedian Charlie Chaplin. The couple’s score is 31 points.

After the performance of all the participants of the fifth evening, the guest stars Ilona Gvozdeva and Yuri Tkach danced disco. Recall that they previously danced together in one of the seasons of the project.

Ilona and Yuri got the images of Gru and Lucy from the cartoon “Despicable Me”.

What couples were under the threat of departure last evening and who left “Dances with stars”, we told here.

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Dance with stars 2021 – how was the fifth broadcast from 03.10.2021 – video performances – TV show news

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