“Dance on the Cross” Kirkorov was accused of insulting believers

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Philip Kirkorov is required to be punished for insulting the feelings of believers because of the dance on the cross. His lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky responded to the accusations against the artist. This was reported by Gazeta.ru.

Before that, a message spread on the Web that Kirkorov was being sued. According to the lawyer, the ill-wishers simply decided to denigrate the popular performer.

“The number with the cross, which still haunts some, is conceived just like the worship of Mary Magdalene. Philip Bedrosovich rises to the cross and kneels before the saint, & ndash; he emphasized.

Dobrovinsky believes that there are no grounds on which the artist could be held liable. In addition, he is sure that such accusations are custom-made and arose due to the fact that Kirkorov supported the policy of the Russian Federation.

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