Dan Balan spoke about his feelings about Carol: “It’s not for show”

Дан Балан рассказал о своих чувствах к Кароль: «Это не для шоу»

Dan Balan told reporters that she feels for Carol

For two stars the audience, at times, to observe more interesting than the vocal competition.

Dan Balan and Tina Karol – star trainers in the popular talent show “the Voice of the country-9”. And if Tina is sitting in the judgment chair, Moldovan singer in the competition a rookie. The singer immediately charmed everyone with her charm and charisma. Dan also attracted the attention of the audience and the crew and show participants for their colleague on stage – Tina Karol.

Дан Балан рассказал о своих чувствах к Кароль: «Это не для шоу»

Balan does not hide his sympathy for Carol.

In the “high life” singer candidly admitted that he feels in relation to the Ukrainian. He said that all of his emotions – not a game. And his passionate views towards Tina is a real interest in the beautiful and talented woman.

“I do everything really, I can’t tune to play, especially with such emotions. It’s not for show,” said Dan.

He added that he knows that between him and Tina had chemistry together. But to answer what’s next, he’s not yet taken.

“It will be – view”, – said the singer.

As previously reported, one of the main discoveries of the new show became the participant Katerina Run. She sang the song Dragostea din tei by the Moldovan band O-Zone, clearly labeling the side of Dan Balan.

And I was right! Moldovan singer during performances of Catherine came on stage and hugged the girl, and then sang a duet with her. However, the Tina Karateka tenderness did not like.

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“Do not hug” – resentfully said the star.

Note that from time to time in live show happen and curiosities and real passion. So, for example, Dan said Tina Karol a few careless sentences. He suggested that Ukrainian woman does not know how to cope with setbacks.

Дан Балан рассказал о своих чувствах к Кароль: «Это не для шоу»

The singer on this observation they reacted quite violently to it. And although she said smiling, the network has noticed that the singer was almost furious statement Balan and even said: “You’re overdoing it, stop it”.

A verbal altercation occurred after the participant “Voices” Mikhail Dimov has selected Dan Balan.

Recall that Dan sang for Tina Karol during the show.

As reported Politeka, Tina Karol lately it never ceases to amaze fans with his photos and videos on the page in Instagram.

Politeka also wrote that Dan Balan spoke about the ideal woman: all the mistress of the handsome.

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