Damage to submarine cables in Europe slows down Internet access worldwide

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 Damage to submarine cables in Europe slowed down Internet access worldwide< /p>

Several submarine cables in the south of France were cut in one night, making Internet access unreliable worldwide. Engineers have fixed one broken line, the investigation is ongoing.

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, there have been suspicions that Russian submarines were involved in the damage to the cables, but investigators have not yet found any evidence to support this assumption.

On Wednesday night, a serious submarine cable incident in southern France caused widespread internet connectivity problems. At 8:30 p.m., at least three fiber optic cables were cut, slowing internet access for users in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Cloud companies quickly fixed the backbone .

According to a report from cloud security firm Zscaler, unexpected cable failure resulted in packet loss and increased latency for websites and applications using the corrupted routes.

The company identified three broken links: Marseille-Lyon, Marseille-Milan and Marseille-Barcelona. Zscaler made adjustments to the routing of Internet traffic where possible to mitigate the problem. used broken links.

In a later update posted at 1:03:15 UTC, Zscaler confirmed that workers had fixed one of the broken cables, resulting in reduced packet loss and reduced latency for websites and Internet applications. The remaining links (probably Marseille-Milan and Marseille-Barcelona) remained down, according to direct fiber test results.

Search work is still ongoing to locate damaged sections of the submarine cable.

While Internet connectivity is slowly returning to normal, investigations continue locally and globally.French authorities have collected evidence and incident. At the same time, an unrelated cable failure in the United Kingdom sparked speculation that unknown Russian saboteurs may have been involved in the incident.

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