Daily horoscope for September 28: Cancer – try to keep your composure, an unexpected meeting for Pisces

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Daily horoscope for September 28: Cancer – try to keep your composure, an unexpected meeting for Pisces


If you have prepared a surprise for your loved one, make sure that everything will be delivered on time and there will be no unpleasant situations. Do not rush until everything is perfect.

Achieving your professional goals requires a lot of work and perseverance, so do not take a break until you achieve what you set as a goal.

Don’t waste your money on different types of investment projects, as not every investment is profitable. Wait to see how things turn out and then invest your money.


Do not maintain a relationship in which there are only financial interests, but follow the voice of your heart. If you are currently with your partner just because you are afraid of the unknown, then you set yourself a barrier to be happy.

If you have good qualifications, knowledge and skills to deal with problems in your work and do not use them, it will not be useful. Take on big projects and don’t be afraid of challenges.

You will certainly be able to afford to buy what you like in a mall, but consider whether you really need it or shop emotionally to suppress another problem.


The day is auspicious to experience your spiritual growth in love. Be sensible and do not use clichéd phrases, this can bore your loved one. If necessary, show yourself beyond your means.

For business people, the day can be fruitful at work, creating good contacts with new customers. You will probably need to be more careful when planning your work tasks.

The stars give a clear sign that you have a huge potential to realize your business ventures today. Investments can be relative as pledged gains, but there are no financial losses anyway.


Painful memories of the past today can come to the fore and create tension between you and your partner. Try to keep your composure and not take an offensive position.

Saturn advises you to arrange your tasks for the day according to priorities and deadlines in which they must be completed. If you do, it will be much easier to cope with your official duties without panic and worries.

Don’t spend too much money on an expensive gift for your loved one. It is important to be chosen carefully and to have a message that will remain a fond memory than any expensive thing.


Involved in everyday problems, you may at times forget what a treasure your partner is and not appreciate it enough. Show respect and attention to the person next to you.

Take a break from the stress and strain of the workplace to recharge your batteries and start conquering new heights with new strength. Until you find inner peace, do not burden yourself with difficult tasks.

Don’t save money on vacation and travel. The new destinations will leave you with unforgettable memories that will be worth it. Shopping will not bring you the satisfaction you need.


Neptune will help you get things going in your love life, but remember that you should not take the smile off your face. Listen to your intuition, which will not let you down.

Conversations between your colleagues can be quite a distraction for you. Seclude yourself and work individually for better results.

Every stumble over alcohol, cigarettes, gambling and collecting hobbies can empty your pockets. Be moderate in spending and buy only essentials.


Decorate your love life with some flowers, treats and your favorite food. Give yourself this pleasure in the company of your loved one and go out to your favorite place, where you always have a good time.

Your work today can be quite boring and monotonous and you can do it out of obligation, instead of willingly. There are days like this, but very soon you will be overwhelmed with a bunch of tasks that will bring variety and dynamism to your service.

Set aside money for pleasures and entertainment to enjoy life. Otherwise, your savings may not bring you the satisfaction you need after months of deprivation.


Do not pass on your bad mood to the person closest to you. Getting angry with your partner would be your worst decision today. Until you calm down and balance, you better not talk to your partner.

Do not conflict with your boss today, as you will be a loser in the battle. If you did something wrong, you’d better apologize right away and admit your guilt.

Today, you may have an unexpected income or someone may repay you money that you previously lent. This will have a great effect on your financial situation, to fill the money for an account.


Sincerity and trust will be the two most important things for your relationship today. Do your best to show your loved one that you are truly honest and have no secrets from each other.

Fortunately, today you will be focused and eager to fulfill your duties as in a textbook to prove yourself to your leadership. This will make you an even more valuable and respected employee, so do not spare your energy.

Don’t make making money your goal. Live according to your abilities and do not compare yourself with others. Over time, you will be able to improve your standard of living, but this can be a rather slow process.


If you are facing problems and difficulties in your relationship, then giving up and running away from problems is not the solution. Try to find the right way out of the tunnel together with your partner.

What can annoy you today is that you have to go back to a task you’ve already done to correct mistakes, which can cost you almost a full day’s work. Try to check things step by step for mistakes so that you do not have such incidents.

If today you are on the verge of bankruptcy, then you will certainly appreciate your work and the efforts with which you earn every single lev. Understanding the value of money will make you much wiser in spending.


Mars can negatively affect your personal relationships today. If a friend tells you things against your partner and tries to get you to leave your partner, don’t trust him.

Your colleagues today may be quite competitive and everyone may want to stand out from your bosses. Stay away from this ego struggle and be neutral in your position.

Be prepared for unexpected expenses related to health or dental care. There is no way to avoid this, so be frugal and limit some side costs that are not paramount.


Great day for those of you who are not committed. At this point, you may most unexpectedly meet the perfect partner for you to fall in love with. If you are committed, then protect your partner from foreign men or women.

Focus on fulfilling your most urgent, urgent commitments. Schedule the rest of the tasks on a schedule for the next few days.

Try to increase your savings by eliminating some costs that are in the area of ​​entertainment or bad habits. Reduce your expenses and don’t waste your money on nonsense.

The horoscope was made for all readers of Trafficnews.bg by the esoteric analyst Krassimir Kurtev – Doctor Honoris Causa.

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