Dad Asks to Separate Inheritance, Vanessa Angel’s Sister Shopping at Zara Lepas Hijab

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Dad Asks to Separate Inheritance, Vanessa Angel’s Sister Shopping at Zara Lepas Hijab

Jakarta, Insertlive

The departure of Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andryansyah on November 4 left deep sorrow for the bereaved family.

The land of the two of them is not yet dry, now Vanessa and Bibi are suspected of fighting over the custody of Gala Sky.

Besides, Doddy Sudrajat father Vanessa want the inheritance to insurance for Gala can be divided clearly.

Including the business matters undertaken by the late Vanessa Angel and Aunt Andriansyah.

“I want it to be separated. Family Bibi myself, Vanessa’s own family. After that, Vanessa’s belongings were taken from whose side,” said Doddy Sudrajat in the Kebayoran area, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11).

Daddy take care of one on one, the possibility exists. (Vanessa’s business) such a desire, has not been discussed directly with me. I’m just waiting, want to talk please. I don’t want to ask, I should be spoken to. But I haven’t, I’m okay, I’m waiting.”

Doddy Sudrajat also gave response about Vanessa Angel’s education and insurance dependents because there were some that were proposed before marrying Aunt Andriansyah.

“There are several insurances. I took care of special insurance before marrying Aunt. I took care of this before marrying Bibi, whose heirs are Mayang and Bibi. The premium has been paid for 1 year, already paid off, which has been taken care of. (Education from Gala to college) Moderate taken care of until he was finished,” he explained.

Later, the insurance matter that has been taken care of has been completed, Vanessa’s party will give it all to the grandson Gala Sky. However, regarding the results of Vanessa and Bibi’s efforts, he could not say much.

“It’s all for Gala and directly involved in sales, Daddy doesn’t know,” he said.

In the middle of the chaos, Mayang, Vanessa Angel’s younger sister who was highlighted because Fuji, Auntie’s younger sister, did not allow her to wear clothes and items belonging to her late sister.

Mayang is reported to have been banned from wearing Vanessa’s clothes by Fuji.

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