Czechs rally against the rise of extremism and express support for Ukraine

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 Czechs rally against the growth of extremism and express support for Ukraine

Tens of thousands of Czechs took to Prague's main square on Sunday against the rise of populism and extremism, two days after a coalition of far-right political movements, fringe groups and the Communist Party held a protest on the same area.

Waving Czech, US, NATO and Ukrainian flags, many in the crowd expressed support for Ukraine in its war against Russia, in contrast to Friday's protest when anti-EU and NATO organizers called for direct talks with Moscow over gas supplies.

Banners on Sunday read: “Czech Republic Against Fear”, “We will get through this”, “The future of democracy is at stake in Ukraine”.

“Thank you for coming to face your fear,” — the organizers of the action told the crowd in unison. — “It is understandable that many people are afraid. However, this is not always bad, fear — a good servant and helps us to survive.”

The demonstration also included a video speech by the first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, who urged people to stay focused on what is happening in her country.

” We will not allow Russia to drag us and the whole world into darkness. Darkness will never win. Until people close their eyes to the war, our light will never go out”, — Zelenska said.

High energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine have forced governments across Europe to soften the blow of rising energy prices to consumers and businesses.

In the Czech Republic, the prime minister's government Minister Petr Fiala signed on to EU sanctions against Russia and took a tough stance against Moscow's invasion of Ukraine. He also took a number of measures, including bailing out companies and capping electricity prices for households.

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