Czech singer deliberately contracted COVID and died

 Czech singer deliberately contracted COVID and died

The famous Czech singer Hana Horka contracted the coronavirus on purpose to avoid restrictions for the unvaccinated, but died.

This is reported by the BBC, citing the singer's son Jan Reka.

The star's son revealed that he and his father were vaccinated but contracted the coronavirus at Christmas. Hana Horka chose to put herself in harm's way instead of keeping the infected away.

“She should have isolated herself for a week because we tested positive. But she was with us all the time,” said the son.

On the day of her death, Khana Horka said that she felt better and dressed for a walk. But then her back hurt and she decided to lie down.

Although the singer has not been vaccinated, her son has stated that his mother does not believe in some of the more bizarre coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories.
< br /> “Her philosophy was that she liked the idea of ​​contracting Covid more than getting vaccinated,” he said.

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