Cyprus launches first underwater archaeological park in ancient port

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 Cyprus launches first underwater archaeological park in ancient port

Cyprus opened the first underwater archaeological park, offering visitors a glimpse into the history of one of the best preserved ancient harbors in the eastern Mediterranean.

park in Cyprus, the ancient harbor of Amathus, with integrated underwater and coastal paths, is already ready to receive its first visitors”, —

The now-flooded harbor near the ancient city-kingdom of Amathus was built between 312 and 294 B.C. BC, when Cyprus was the center of a conflict between the two successors of Alexander the Great.

It was probably created as a naval base due to its narrow entrance, although experts say its commercial use is also prohibited discount.

Time has transformed the harbor into a natural coral reef with vibrant marine life.

“The surviving architectural remains and the special biodiversity of the marine area form a unique place to visit, where the public there is an opportunity to join the ancient history and get acquainted with the amazing marine environment”, — Minister of Transport Yiannis Karousos said.

This special project was carried out within the framework of the European Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) program in cooperation with the Andikat project, which oversees diving routes in marine protected areas of the eastern Mediterranean and the development of diving tourism in the region.

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