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Cyprus residents and guests, let's stretch our arms, legs, bodies – Getting ready for a dance mega-movement! Soon the island will host the BEON1X Open Mind Music Festival, which claims to be the largest event in Europe and the Mediterranean (just a minute!).
Now on Pyla Beach (CTO Beach), work is in full swing day and night – final preparations are underway, the main stages are being installed, the dance floors are being mounted, the equipment is being checked, the equipment is being adjusted. In parallel with this, all kinds of water attractions, volleyball and other playgrounds for beach sports are being installed on the beach! For this, a big plus flies into the karma of the organizers – they took care of those who like to dance at night and sleep during the day, and those who like to combine night dancing and daytime entertainment, and those who limit themselves to the water park and playgrounds and… ok, let's have some music playing in the background. That is, taking care of the spirit and body of the guests of the festival – on the face.
Oh yes, just a clarification for those who don’t know or forgot, or just too lazy to look on the map where Pyla Beach (CTO Beach) is located: it’s just 11 km from Larnaca – a city rich in history and culture, just like the whole of Cyprus.
The BEON1X Open Mind Music Festival will be held within the framework of the international art cluster and in cooperation with the infrastructure of the Greek part of the island of Cyprus. According to the organizers, this electronic music festival will be the next step in the creation of a unique international socio-cultural project designed to make Cyprus a new center of modern cultural and musical life.
In the meantime, the organizers are doing everything for this, I will tell you this – it will be possible to realize these desires and intentions, and this was shown by the first, let's say, trial electronic music festival, which was also held in Larnaca from September 23 to 25 and from September 30 to October 2. At that time, Cyprus was put on the ears by professionals, such world-class stars as Carl Cox, Boris Brecha, Jamie Jones, Luciano, Paul Kalkbrenner live, Guy Gerber, Satori live, Sasha and Digvid, Sven Vet, Deborah De Luca, Celina Manuhutu, Fatima Hadji , Guy Jay. And this is far from a complete list (it's not enough to list them all – lines, but I assure you, the movement was the coolest).
And the purpose of the project is good. The organizers of the festival want to create the so-called “Island of the Open Mind” in Cyprus; at the crossroads of several continents, which will combine the best of the world of music, art and history. Of course, the implementation of the BEON1X project will not be carried out immediately – in stages, over three years (from 2022 to 2025), which will make the art cluster one of the world's largest socio-cultural events. So why don't we, friends, help in this – it's so simple: we take our feet in our hands, turn on a great mood and go dancing! Yes, there are solid pluses: movement – this is life, music – it's a joy, that is, one shot can kill two birds with one stone – improve moral and physical health.
Well, at the end – surprise: the BEON1X Open Mind Music Festival will be an annual event. So those who for some reason will not be able to dance on it this year, prepare your legs, arms and bodies for next year. You cannot afford to miss such a grandiose event, not to become a part of it, which will definitely go down in the history of world culture. But that will be later…
…In the meantime… timer started – only a few days left before the opening of BEON1X Open Mind Music Festival! Turn the key – take off soon!

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