Cyclone Freddy: hurricane-force winds and rain hit Mozambique

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 Cyclone Freddy: hurricane winds and rain hit Mozambique

Downpours and hurricane winds rage over Mozambique. Forecasters predict flooding due to Cyclone Freddy, which hit the country for the second time in a month.

Over the past four weeks, more than a year's rainfall has fallen in the South African country.

Freddy could be the longest storm on record, forming northwest of Australia 34 days ago.

One person is reported to have died, bringing the death toll to at least 28 since then. as the storm made landfall for the first time.

A cyclone made landfall for the second time near the eastern seaport of Quelimane around 10:00 pm on Saturday, Reuters reported.

People have been urged to move into temporary shelters, including strong school buildings, churches and warehouses.

Over half a million people could face a humanitarian crisis this time, according to local disaster relief agencies.

One person died when his house collapsed in a hurricane wind, Reuters reported, citing state TVM.

According to TVM, as a precautionary measure, the power company cut off the power and all flights were suspended.

The cyclone has reportedly stopped offshore and is expected to make landfall soon.

Experts say climate change is making tropical storms around the world wetter, windier and more intense.

Freddie has already broken records for the strength he has accumulated over the 8,000km he traveled through the Indian ocean from northwestern Australia.

Mozambique's national disaster management agency estimates that more than 1.5 million people have been affected since the first hurricane last month, with more than 8,000 displaced from their homes.

A humanitarian operation is underway in the region , but there are fears that more heavy rains due to Freddie's return could hamper relief efforts.

Neighboring Malawi, where health authorities are battling a cholera outbreak, could also be affected.

Weather experts predict that the cyclone will bring devastating winds and heavy rain across wide areas, including northeast Zimbabwe and southeast Zambia.

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