Cyclone Freddie kills over 400 in Malawi

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 Cyclone Freddie has killed more than 400 people in Malawi

Death toll from Tropical Cyclone Freddie in Malawi exceeded 400 people. This was stated by the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Malawi.

In particular, in the south of Malawi, where Cyclone Freddie raged, more bodies were found. Thus, the total death toll reached at least 438 people.< br />
It is noted that the bad weather made almost 350,000 people homeless. Half a thousand camps were set up for them.

The total number of injured reached 918, and another 282 people are considered missing.

Search and rescue operations continue in the affected regions, so the number of victims may increase. Cyclone "Freddy" made landfall in southern Africa for the second time in a month, becoming the longest and strongest tropical storm in the Southern Hemisphere.

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