Cutting-edge test for deadly brain disease now available in Israel

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 Leading test for deadly brain disease now available in Israel

A test for the notoriously difficult to diagnose brain disorder Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is now available in Israel. Sourasky.

This disease is caused by an abnormal infectious protein called a prion. This protein has unique properties that make it act like a virus or bacteria and cause other prions to mimic its behavior. Symptoms of the disease include loss of intelligence and memory, slurred speech, and personality changes.

The disease is incurable and usually kills the sufferer within a year. But diagnosis is important because it avoids treatments suitable for diseases other than Creutzfeldt-Jakob.

As noted, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is disproportionately common among Jews of Libyan and Tunisian origin. It is estimated that in Israel There are thousands of carriers of the E200K mutation that causes this disease.

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is now one of a dozen hospitals around the world and the first in Israel to offer a highly accurate CSF diagnosis test. with very high accuracy – a sensitivity of 92 percent. This is a difficult test to master and difficult to perform, and we consider it very important for the detection of the disease that we brought it to Israel,” said Yifat Alkalai, director of the Sourasky Clinical Immunology Laboratory.

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