Curiosity: not an ex-employee of the Bank of Israel was invited to the air, but another person

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 Curiosity: not an ex-employee of the Bank of Israel, but another person was invited to air

A curious situation occurred on Israeli TV channel 13. It was not Professor Moshe Hazan who had been a member of the Monetary Commission of the Bank of Israel for many years before his resignation, but his namesake.

The expert was called in to discuss judicial reform.

The presenter's surprise knew no bounds when he found out that the person who came on the air named Moshe Hazan was a real estate agent.


“No, my profession — real estate. I am a real estate agent. I know Matan a little in real estate”, — said the guest.

Channel 13 later apologized for the mistake, acknowledging that the wrong person had been called on the air.

Professor Moshe Hazan was invited by another person responding to the same name, without bringing this to the attention of the host. We apologize to viewers,” the statement said.

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