Curiosity in the USA: a thief monkey alarmed the zoo by calling the police

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 A curiosity in the USA: a thief monkey alarmed the zoo, calling the police

Root the Capuchin stole a phone from Zoo to You in El Paso de Robles, California and dialed 911. The incident was reported on the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. The monkey called the emergency service and immediately hung up. Having received no answer, the officers went to the call. Upon arrival at the zoo, the police found out that no one was waiting for them there. The employees guessed that Ruth, who had already done similar tricks, was behind the false call. “We were told that capuchins are very inquisitive, they grab everything and everyone and just start pressing buttons. And that's exactly what Ruth did – just found the right combination of numbers to call us”, — police commented.

 Curiosity in the USA: monkey thief alarmed the zoo, calling the police

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