Curiosity: Australian spent “unforgettable night” in a trash can

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 Curiosity: Australian woman spent "unforgettable night" in a trash can

Australian found herself in a difficult situation, stuck in a trash can, where she spent an “unforgettable night”.

According to Daily Mail Australia, funny and, at the same time, an unfortunate situation happened because her phone fell there.

The heroine of the story was walking in Surfers Paradise, Queensland, when her smartphone somehow ended up in a trash can. She didn't lose her head and reached for the gadget, but something went wrong.

If she managed to get inside, she could get out from the Australian woman. So she got stuck, upside down. girlfriend watches the spectacle, almost not holding back laughter. “What the hell is going on here,” asked a young man walking by.

In the end, the story ended happily. The guy helped the girl out of the garbage trap. The video instantly spread across the network, becoming viral.

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