Cures for heartburn can harm your health

Лекарства против изжоги могут нанести вред вашему здоровью

This conclusion was made by a group of scientists and researchers from the universities of Utrecht, Maastricht and Melbourne.

In order for the iron assimilated in the body, use acid, but at reception of means from heartburn, in particular, proton pump inhibitors, it neutralized, which leads to iron deficiency. These data were obtained in the large-scale study, which was attended by 50 thousand people.

The risk of iron deficiency is directly correlated with the intensity of reception of proton pump inhibitors. The highest it those who take more than one pill a 20 milligram per day.

Iron is an essential component of hemoglobin in the blood. If shortage of iron in the hemoglobin level decreases, which leads to deterioration of human being: appear dizziness, the “stars” in the eyes, migraines, hair loss, pallor, palpitations, the so-called “restless leg syndrome”.

In General, doctors recommend that very careful control of the level of iron when you receive drugs from heartburn.


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