Cryptocurrency Scam: Identity of Another Suspect Revealed

 Cryptocurrency Scam: Another Suspect Revealed

The court has agreed to overrule a non-disclosure order for one of the suspects arrested in a raid in November that was aimed at solving a case of cryptocurrency fraud and laundering hundreds of millions

Among the suspects was Avichai Ziv, CEO of venture capital fund Singulariteam.

Prior to joining Singulariteam in 2018, Ziv worked at Ernst and Young Israel as a senior high-tech companies.

The police raid was carried out on November 18th. After that, the names of only two of the 10 arrested were made public, namely: the owner of “Beitar Jerusalem”; Moshe Hogeg and ex-CEO of Singulariteam Adi Sheleg. The publication of the names of the other defendants in the case was banned.

The Times of Israel, together with The Financial Times and Haaretz, persuaded the judges to lift the ban on Ziv's identity. The names of the other seven suspects remain unknown.

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