Crowd control method: in the United States created a weapon that interferes with speech

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Control method crowds: the US has created a weapon that interferes with speaking

The invention is predicted to be used as a form of crowd control.

In the Navy The United States has a new form of non-lethal weapon designed to stop people talking. A special device effectively repeats the speaker's voice while he tries to speak.AHAD was developed by engineers at the US Navy Research Center in Indiana, which develops hand and crew weapons for service.

The main idea of ​​the weapon is to disorient the target so that it cannot effectively communicate with other people .

The sound is called Acoustic Hear and Hearing (AHAD), the weapon is capable of recording speech and instantly transmitting it to the target in milliseconds.

“In accordance with the explanation for the discovery, the target's speech is directed to it twice – immediately and after a short delay. This delay creates a delayed auditory feedback (DAF) that alters the speaker's normal perception of his or her own voice. In normal speech, the speaker hears his own words with a slight delay, and the body is used to this feedback. When another source of audio feedback is introduced with a sufficiently long delay, the speaker's concentration is disturbed, and it becomes difficult to continue talking, “the patent says.

AHAD works with a series of directional microphones and speakers that can target the speaker's voice. The speech is then recorded and streamed back in the same direction.

The patent also states that in the case of targeting AHAD to a wall or corner, the system also “can project sound onto the target surface so that the sound appears to be emitted by the target. “.

Interestingly, only the speaker will hear the broadcast sound. Not only will this confuse the target, but in the end it will prevent them from focusing and continuing the conversation. The target's behavior will be noticeably altered as a result of the action, which is likely to confuse everyone who listened to that person as well.

“In other words, such a weapon will make you think you’re insane — so will humans around you, “says Interesting Engineering.

This technique may be most effective when repetitive speech is a syllable or two behind the target speaker's broadcast – similar to how the echo of your own voice distracts during phone call.

Devices such as AHAD may have other programs. For example, it can be used as a form of electronic device for making calls between ships.

This sonic weapon is capable of focusing sound waves at high decibel levels to a target that will experience migraines, ringing in the ears, or mild pain and discomfort. How the US Armed Forces will deploy and use AHAD is still unknown, but it is important to note that the device is unlikely to be used on the battlefield anytime soon – it will likely be used as a form of crowd control.

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