Crow population wiped out in Singapore due to attacks on people

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 Crow population is destroyed in Singapore due to attacks on people

National Parks Board (NParks) said it is working with Bishan Toa Payo City Council to reduce the crow population following several reports from residents of bird attacks last week.

Dr. Adrian Lou, director of wildlife management group at NParks, said they have been removing crow nests in city parks since Feb. 7, as well as pruning trees and trapping crows. Captured birds are subject to euthanasia.

Dr. Lu said, “City crows are an invasive species in Singapore that pose a threat to our natural biodiversity. In addition, they are especially protective of their young and may attack when the chicks are in the nest or when the crows feel that their young are in danger.

To ensure humane and safe population control, NParks uses scientifically based depopulation methods such as removing food sources and modifying habitat to make it less suitable for birds.

Ravens were not killed by shooting, as was done in the past .

The authorities called on the public to help mitigate the problem by not feeding the birds and disposing of food waste properly.

On Wednesday, NParks launched a joint outreach program with Bishan Toa Payoh City Council , its associated housing committees and the National Environmental Protection Agency. They put up posters in elevators and visited homes to warn the public against feeding the birds.

Shin Min Daily news reported that crows attacked ten people in 20 minutes in one area earlier this year.

Although checks on Wednesday showed the attacks had largely stopped, people there say they were victims of crows that swooped up, beat their wings and pecked at them.

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