Crisis in Zimbabwe: the capital of the country massing tanks — Reuters

The armed forces of Zimbabwe are ready to “intervene” if the authorities don’t stop cleaning in the ruling party. This was stated by the army commander, General Constantine Chiwenga, reports AFP.
The commander of the armed forces of Zimbabwe and urged President Robert Mugabe to stop to fire veterans of the Zimbabwean African national Union in connection with the fact that last week, Mugabe sacked Vice-President Emmerson mnangagwa the.
In turn, the Mnangagwa has repeatedly engaged in conflicts with the President’s wife grace Mugabe.
Note, the 52-year-old first lady of Zimbabwe considered the successor to the post 93-year-old President. In this regard, perhaps the President is trying to help his wife to clean up opposition politicians.

At the same time to the capital of the African nation in Harare tightening the tanks, they were seen 20 km from the city, reports Reuters.

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Add, 18 April 1980, Mugabe was appointed Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. In 1987, Mugabe changed the Constitution — he abolished the post of Prime Minister and self-appointed President of the country. 1 Nov Robert Mugabe signed a law on amendments to the Constitution, which allows him to choose a successor if he decides to leave before the end of his presidential term. The chosen successor must then approve the Parliament dominated by his party. Amendments to the Constitution were also allowed to hold simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections.

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