Crisenoy trailer of the series “a Modified carbon”

The most expensive series in history and new potential hit from Netflix!

Кришесносний трейлер серіалу «Видозмінений вуглець»

Netflix unveiled the trailer for their most expensive to date, of the series “a Modified carbon”, reports Rus.Media. In it is based on the bestselling British science fiction writer Richard Morgan about life in the XXIV century, when technology allowed to keep the mind on digital media and transferred from one body to another, making, thus, humanity is virtually immortal.

The main character, a former soldier Takeshi Kovacs, arrives on Earth (more precisely, the matrix arrives with his personality) to investigate the murder of one of the bodies billionaire Bancroft.

Кришесносний трейлер серіалу «Видозмінений вуглець»

Judging by the trailer, the creators did not stint on special effects, presenting cyberpunkish fantasy Morgan at maximum capacity. The cost of production of each batch made up, as reported by Netflix, from 6 to 7 million dollars, which is comparable with the cost of top series “Game of thrones”. Undoubtedly, Netflix is hoping for success, after all, “a Modified carbon” — the first book of the trilogy of Takeshi Kovac.

The series premiere will take place on 2 February 2018.

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