Criminals brutally murdered with the famous journalist: “in the eyes of friends”

Преступники по-зверски расправились со знаменитым журналистом: «на глазах у друзей»

With the journalist dealt in a cafe on the eyes of the shocked friends

The famous journalist was shot during Breakfast in a cafe in the heart of the city.

The crime occurred in Mexico in the municipality of emiliano Zapata. Well-known journalist, radio jesús Ramos Rodriguez was brutally shot. Every morning he had Breakfast in the same café. This time he was with his friends.

Преступники по-зверски расправились со знаменитым журналистом: «на глазах у друзей»

It is reported that the institution approached the car. Out jumped an unknown and opened fire on the reporter. It all happened in front of friends Rodriguez and numerous passers-by. The offender managed to escape.

The victim was immediately taken to hospital, but doctors were powerless – the man died from fatal injuries.

The Mexican police investigating the murder, and the government expressed “concern” at the murder of a prominent journalist.

It is noted that Rodriguez gained popularity for its transmission, which was led for many years. Today, the journalist would have celebrated his 59th anniversary.

Will add that the experts of the organization “reporters without borders” said that last year in Mexico was killed nine journalists.

As previously reported, in the capital of Ukraine the man was shot from behind made innocent comments.

Between two men there was a verbal conflict, in which one of them was wounded in the head. Shot from an unidentified weapon. The attacker was the man who was previously convicted of drug possession.

After the incident, passers-by immediately called the police and to doctors. The victim was hospitalized over it “conjure” doctors.

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Thanks to the quick actions of the police, the offender was detained. It was them 31-the summer native of Cherkasy region. As it turned out, the offender did not like that the victim reprimanded him for swearing on the street.

Преступники по-зверски расправились со знаменитым журналистом: «на глазах у друзей»

Also add that a few days ago in Chicago (USA), an unidentified man shot people who were standing near one of the town’s bars, and fled the scene. Was made at least five shots from a pistol.

36-year-old and 39-year-old man received a bullet in the chest and back. The victims were immediately taken to medical center of the University of Chicago, where they died from wounds. In addition, in a shooting injured three people. One of the victims refused hospitalization.

Recall that a family was shot in his own apartment: among victims — two children.

As reported Politeka, in Odessa, was shot by well-known activist.

Politeka also wrote that the mayor is brutally murdered an hour after the inauguration.

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