Criminal of the year: in Italy a man tried to Rob a cafe with Lollipop

Преступник года: в Италии мужчина пытался ограбить кафе с помощью леденца

His idea failed.

Roman police arrested a foreigner who tried to Rob the shop, threatening the employee with a Lollipop, reports the with reference to Bagnet.

A man whose nationality was not specified, came in Gelateria in the North of the Italian capital and tried to open the cash register while an employee was distracted for the manufacture of ice cream. The woman noticed this and began to scream. Then the attacker pulled out a Lollipop and pointed it at the woman.

An employee of the cafe was surprised that it scare the candy, but after a moment realized that at the end of the wand was a needle. However, the robber by the time I realized that was blocked by the cashier the wrong buttons and decided to escape.

Arriving police detained a failed raider and found out that he previously had problems with the law. The man was placed under arrest.

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