‘Criminal gangs’ are driving Sweden’s murder rates soar, while they are falling in most European countries

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‘Criminal gangs’ are driving Sweden’s murder rates soar, while they are falling in most European countries

Sweden now ranks among the European top when it comes to murder rates. This is striking, because in almost all European countries these figures are actually falling. However, the actual cause is not identified.

According to the Volkskrant and EenVandaag, Sweden has suddenly become troubled by drug gangs and gang wars in Malmö, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Coincidentally also the cities where one finds many poor non-Western immigrants. There almost seems to be a link between generous immigration policies, poor integration policies and high murder rates…

However, that background is not mentioned anywhere by One today. The numbers are also slightly relativized. Sweden has murder rates of between 1.08 and 1.5 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the world average is 6. And Lithuania and Latvia are mentioned as European countries where it is even worse than in Sweden. It’s all right, isn’t it? Until you see it in Sweden for 2015 was actually quite a bit lower. Some years as much as 50 percent lower.

With radicalized Islamists we talk about ‘confused men’. With criminal immigrant teenagers we talk about ‘young people’. And with murderous non-Western immigrants, we talk about “drug gangs” and “gang wars‘.

Swedish figures increasingly show that the multicultural dream project is rock solid has failed. There is hardly any integration and it is just as hard looked away like here in the Netherlands. How else can one explain this hyper-specific observation?

“Then it mainly concerns settlements between gangs in the suburbs of large cities. So a very specific group, and it only increases there: the other type of murders have been declining for years.” say correspondent Annegrietje Fransen about the situation in Sweden.

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Meanwhile, that whole country is slowly going to the buttons and people watch with total amazement how ‘populists’ and ‘far right’ are gaining in popularity. Perhaps it is a reaction to the absurd developments in the country and not just some random pull of populism? Who knows!

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