Crime bosses fled Israel on yachts

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 Crime bosses fled Israel on yachts

The police fear that the heads of criminal organizations and criminals will try to flee the country to Cyprus or Turkey, using yachts to escape investigation or arrest.

According to information obtained by the Mako portal, in recent years at least ten criminals have already fled the country in the same way, spending several tens of thousands of euros. In most cases, after arriving in Turkey or Cyprus, they continued on to Morocco, Mexico or South America. Others remained in Turkey and traveled under false names, probably with foreign passports.

“The criminals realized that it would be difficult for them to escape through Ben Gurion, so they simply escape with the help of yachts,” he said. one of the police officers.

About three years ago, police suspected that Golan Avitan, a 60-year-old resident of Ashdod who was under house arrest in case 512, in which he is charged with three murders, had escaped on a yacht to Cyprus. Later, he arrived in Spain and entered Morocco by ship, and the country's authorities did not know about it. Meanwhile, when Avitan was extradited from Morocco to Israel a few months ago, he refused to tell investigators how he fled the country and entered Morocco without using his passport or any other false passport.

Such a prospect is not is letting high-ranking police officials sleep, and prosecutors are now demanding that Nidal Abu Latif, head of the Northern Crime Organization, remain in custody pending trial. The demand is motivated by the fact that if he is released, he can flee the country on a yacht.

Last week, Abu Latif was charged with attempted murder in a restaurant in Kfar Yasif, along with several of his people. The head of the criminal organization was arrested after fleeing to the territory of the Palestinian Authority, and the police say that when Abu Latif was on the run, he tried to escape the country on a yacht.

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