Creepy incident occurred in the kindergarten of the Dnieper: “many victims”, details

Жуткое ЧП произошло в детсаду Днепра: «много пострадавших», подробности

Eight kids became seriously ill after staying in one of the nursery Kharkov

The incident occurred in Kharkiv kindergarten no. 374. Anxious parents said they have eight children – signs of poisoning.

Kids from 1.5 to 3 years feel bad. In children, high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. One of the moms told local media that her indisposition of the child told the babysitter. “Kid threw up. The son was listless, almost lost consciousness. Called an ambulance, and later the doctors confirmed the diagnosis of intestinal infection”, – said the concerned woman. Other parents also spoke to the pediatrician.

Жуткое ЧП произошло в детсаду Днепра: «много пострадавших», подробности

In the administration of the preschool institution said that the group consists of 11 people. “Three parents wrote that the children became ill, two others saw in the social network messages and was afraid to come, others came for other reasons,” – said the head of the kindergarten Valentine Sheptunova. According to her, parents of other children to the illness complained. In the garden started checking. Most likely, said Svistunov, the kids got rotavirus.

As previously reported, in the Vinnytsia region 12 first graders of gymnasium humanitarian, artistic and aesthetic profile was hospitalized with food poisoning.

So, in the hospital received six first graders, who complained of vomiting, fever, diarrhea. Two young patients had a preliminary diagnosis of influenza, four — food poisoning of medium severity.

The next day, in the course of the epidemiological investigation found that all the hospitalized children are pupils of the first grade of the gymnasium, with 5 kids in 1 class, 1 child — 1-A class. According to the Director, all the children live in different parts of the city together for holidays or other events.

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Meanwhile, every day the number of hospitalized with food poisoning has increased to 12.

Жуткое ЧП произошло в детсаду Днепра: «много пострадавших», подробности

“Specialists of Mogilev-Podolsk on the division of laboratory studies of GU Vinnitsa WLC MHC of Ukraine for laboratory analysis of selected 13 samples of food products and prepared dishes, 2 samples of drinking water from the school water, hygiene swabs 20. Laboratory examination of samples is ongoing, results not yet available”, — reported in the state foods and consumer service.

Recall that children were forced to eat a soup of worms, details, and photos.

As reported Politeka, in Lviv massively poisoned people.

Politeka also wrote that there was a chemical attack on children: many of the victims of the mass school closed.

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