CREATIVE CITY Contemporary Culture Festival to be Held in Israel

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 CREATIVE CITY Contemporary Culture Festival to be held in Israel

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On May 28, the first festival of contemporary culture CREATIVE CITY will open in Israel. Within a month, ten events of various formats will be held, most of them in Tel Aviv. It is planned that the festival will be held in Israel every year. According to the organizers, the festival serves the mission of SNOB TLV: the adaptation of repatriates of creative professions in a new environment for them, so that each of them can find himself in his profession in Israel. At the heart of the festival – partnership, support and integration, as well as multilateral cooperation of repatriates from three countries: Israel, Russia and Ukraine.
The creative heritage of three cultures, united within the framework of the festival, uses art as a platform for dialogue and creating a positive agenda. Thanks to this, it is easier for people who have principles and values ​​to find a common language and unite, even if they find themselves on opposite sides of barricades or borders.
Festival Manifesto – CO-operation, CO-creation, CO-existence. Audience – all of Israel, a young country in all respects. According to festival producer and founder of SNOB TLV, Anton Sazonov, “regardless of when and under what circumstances we made aliyah, we are all in the same boat now, we are all Israelis, and we have to raise children here together.” SNOB TLV, the organizer of the festival, was created with the support of the Genesis Foundation. during the pandemic and has become one of the main secular Russian-speaking Jewish communities in Israel today.

 CREATIVE CITY Contemporary Culture Festival to be held in Israel

Some of the events of the festival will be the first for SNOB TLV organized outside of Tel Aviv: on May 28, the premiere of the JLM STREET SHOW, created with the support of the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and National Heritage of Israel, will be held daily during Jerusalem Week on the streets of the Israeli capital. Immersive historical street show — this is the format that SNOB TLV first introduced together with director Sasha Kreindlin in the summer of 2021 in Tel Aviv. The guests of the show will become participants in the ongoing “here and now” stories, will be transported to another reality and will be able to look at the heavenly city from a completely new angle thanks to modern augmented reality technologies (personal VR devices, headphones with binaural sounds and street projections), a team of actors and the famous Israeli guide Boris Brestovitsky.
The festival is supported by RJC – the Russian Jewish Congress, the Ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Israel's National Heritage, the non-profit organization Social Space and the Jaffa Development Company. Creative City – a logical continuation of the CREATORS platform and community, where new Israelis of creative professions who arrived this year find a common language.

 CREATIVE CITY Contemporary Culture Festival to be held in Israel

Key Events Creative City:
● On May 31, the ECLECTICTLV x CREATORS exhibition will open in the exhibition space in old Jaffa, in which curator Elya Cohen brought together promising artists at the beginning of their creative journey in Israel. The exposition is united by the theme of escapism as an alternative to the existing reality. ● June 1 – KidSpace Day: artist and architect Philip Piszczyk will create a real art installation in old Jaffa together with children. ● On June 2, new repatriates – Animal Jazz will perform an acoustic concert on the rooftop of the SNOB TLV residence in Jaffa. ● June 3 – street art day. Director Maxim Didenko, author and director of dozens of plays and performances in the world's best theaters, together with street artist Sergei Ovseykin, leader of the ZUKCLUB team, will show a street performance that reflects the attitude of creators to current events in the world. Sergey will paint a mural on the wall of a huge hangar on Florentin in front of an astonished audience. Also on the program of the day are the best vegan street food, cocktails, meetings with artists and dancing. ● On June 4, on Shavuot, the SNOB residence will host a traditional white vegan dinner and a presentation of the “Gilgamesh” Anton Sazonov. Let's talk about the abolition of aging, about the scientific and religious view of immortality together with the rabbi. ● Later in June, actress Nastya Tsvetaeva and musician Frank Oz will show a musical and poetry show based on the works of Ukrainian poets.
The festival will end at the end of June with a concert of the super-group FROM SCRATCH, formed in Israel from musicians from Tequilajazzz and Animal Jazz.
The SNOB TLV project was created with the support of the Genesis Philanthropy Group.
General partner of Creative City – Russian Jewish Congress (RJC). General producer of the festival — Anton Sazonov.
The full schedule of events and tickets can be found on the festival website: As an advertisement

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