Created the world’s first robot artist: photo masterpieces

Создан первый в мире робот-художник: фото шедевров

The robot is able to paint a true picture of a pencil

British scientists have created the world’s first robot artist. The robot was given the name ay-Doo in honor of the first female programmer Ada Lovelace. The robot draws a picture of a pencil and is already preparing for his first show.

The robot has a bionic arm with a large range of motion. Case coated with silicone, has several cameras, and created realistic human traits — for example, teeth and gums. To write one picture of the robot is approximately 45 minutes.

Создан первый в мире робот-художник: фото шедевров

Ay-Doo uses artificial intelligence algorithms — analyzes and takes pictures of people, animals and landscapes.

According to Aidan Meller, one of the founders of the first robot artist, AI do makes all the people to really think about technologies and their role in society.

The first exhibition of ay-Doo will be held may 9 at Lady Margaret Hall (Oxford). Also the exhibition will showcase the work of others, created artificial intelligence. The creators of the robot are asking the artists to perceive artificial intelligence not as a competitor but as a helper and a tool that will help you to work better.

Создан первый в мире робот-художник: фото шедевров

Earlier it was reported that Japan had presented a robot that can clean and wash things.

Japanese startup Mira Robotics introduced robot-maid UGO, which is able to cope at home and to wash things. However, while the robot does this very slowly. According to its developers, the technology will be improved.

The first version of the robot was developed in February 2018. His height is adjustable from 110 to 180 cm, and Weight around 72 kg. arm Length is 60 cm. it Works slowly. While the user will not be able to adjust it to the Laundry and forget about it. UGO is not Autonomous, as the man adjusts his movements.

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We will remind, earlier Politeka wrote that scientists have created a supercomputer: “read minds”.

As reported Politeka, engineers have created a unique robot: “incredibly nimble”.

Politeka also reported that the robot was able to replace the journalist: the details of historical events.

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