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Créer la chimie

Establish quickly a chemistry within the team. This is the challenge that is given to the head coach of the Marquis de Jonquière, Benoit Gratton, at the beginning of the training camp the training jonquiéroise of the League north american hockey.

“In the past year, it was not bad all the same players that were at the camp, but this year, I have no choice. With all these new players, the objective will be to implement the system of the game quickly summarizes, at the other end of the wire. You want that all the players are on the same wavelength for games outside the competition. The challenge will be to create a chemistry quickly between the veterans and the newcomers, especially that there are only two games out of competition. This will not necessarily be easy. Moreover, we will give a few matches early in the season to adjust.”

The camp, which took off on Friday night at the Palace of sports, there were several new faces. Especially at the blue line where the defensive has been renewed with the departures of Jonathan Payment, and Francis Trudel, the retirement of Luis Tremblay and the reduced availability of Jean-Michel Bolduc. Mathieu Brisebois and Jason Bell will join the veterans Vincent Richer and Danick Malouin. Unfortunately, the few supporters present who were hoping to see at work the number one choice of the Marquis, Jonathan Diaby, will have to wait, because the defender was unable to be present due to a death in his family.

Créer la chimie

The Marquis de Jonquière were the acquisition of a player as intense as robust Dannick Paquette.


Among the attackers, the veterans Alexandre Quesnel, Jean-Simon Allard, Jérémie Malouin, Gabryel Paquin-Boudreau, Yannick Riendeau, Jean-Sébastien Bérubé, Matthew Boudreau and Steven Oligny were eager to jump on the ice. In the new, we found Danick Paquette and Gabriel Lévesque, as well as players invited Cédric Labelle, François Bérubé, Michael Lafrance and the Saguenéen Samuel Cuff. In front of the net, the Marquis is still in the car with the presence of Cédrick Desjardins and Raphael Girard.

The DG of the Marquis, Marc Boivin, still working on a few files. “(The center) Stephan Chaput opened a new trade and it is this that has delayed its decision. It may be out of alignment every Saturday and will miss about four Fridays before the Holidays. He will be back in form,” says the DG.

Marc Boivin is also continuing discussions with the defender Spiro Goulakos, 6’2’, 194 pounds, who played for the Giants in Belfast in the league of England. In 47 games, he has amassed 56 points (12 goals, 44 assists) and 221 penalty minutes. “This is not a guy to fight, but this is a guy who knocks (hard),” says the DG.

Saturday, the players will spring for a training session from 9am to 11am, as well as for the conduct of a match intraéquipe which will be held from 17h to 19h. A final practice is scheduled for Sunday, from 9am to 11am.

Créer la chimie

Mathieu Brisebois

The Progress, Michel Tremblay



After having spent the last two seasons in England and France, defender Mathieu Brisebois had the taste to return to Quebec. The offer of the Marquis fell, therefore, to point to the ancient defender star of the Huskies of Rouyn-Noranda, all the more so that he already knows several players from the training jonquiéroise.

The athlete of 26 years, has in effect Dannick Paquette and his father Lucien (recruiter-in-chief), Gabryel Paquin-Boudreau, the brothers Malouin and the goalie Raphael Girard, among others. As he has heard good things about the League in north america, and to the organization of the Marquis, he decided to seize this opportunity, which allowed him to continue to play the hockey of good caliber.

“The LNAH has changed a lot over the years and I have heard only good comments. Many good players are back and I think it will be a very good league,” he said. And what would he bring to the Marquis? “I’m an advocate of offensive that likes to still play strong. I think this will be fun”, he laughs.

Mathieu Brisebois has spent three seasons in the american League and the ECHL before making the jump to Europe. In 2016-17, during its season at Amiens, in France, he had a record of 23 points (6 goals, 17 assists) and 72 minutes in the dungeon. In the series, he scored one goal and two assists in five matches. Last season, with the Panthers of Nottingham, he has scored three goals, collected six assists and hit 37 penalty minutes in 28 meetings.

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