Crazy pursuit in the center of Tel Aviv: the suspect escaped

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 Crazy pursuit in central Tel Aviv: Suspect escaped

A serious criminal incident that ended in panic and the suspect's flight took place yesterday in Tel Aviv.

On December 15, a suspicious car fled from a police post set up on Jabotinsky Street in Ramat -Gan, and was stopped as a result of a chase near the railway station "Savidor Center" in Tel Aviv. A suspicious item was found in the vehicle and police detectives called to the scene are investigating the incident.

Incident shortly after 8:00 pm. For reasons currently unclear, the police set up a checkpoint in Ramat Gan. The suspicious car fled the checkpoint, moving towards Tel Aviv. The police began a pursuit that ended very close to the Savidor railway station, which was overcrowded with people.

The police reported that an object was thrown out of the car during the chase. After the police managed to stop the car, one of the suspects was arrested, and the second fled the scene.

Numerous forces were gathered in the area of ​​the railway station and blocked traffic in the area. Police emphasize that the background of the incident is criminal in nature. The forces are working to free traffic in the area and have also launched a search for a second suspect.

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