Craving for sweet or salty? – See a doctor

Like sweet or salty? - See your doctor

Therapist-gastroenterologist Elena Tyulpina said that an increased passion for sweet and salty foods can be a sign of pathologies.

According to her, the human body needs sugar and salt in small amounts. And the need for sweet or salty is a sign of illness.

“In this situation, you need to consult a doctor, conduct an additional examination to clarify the diagnosis and decide on further tactics. If you do not consult a doctor in time, then it is quite possible the development of more serious diseases & mdash; insulin resistance, obesity, diabetes mellitus and other conditions that will lead to loss of quality of life “, & mdash; called on Tyulpin.

“With increased cravings for salt, you must also consult a doctor, conduct an additional examination and establish a diagnosis in time and decide on the correct tactics”, & mdash; she added.

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