Cracks on the lips: how to protect delicate skin from cold

Трещинки на губах: как защитить нежную кожу от морозов

Wind and frost are preparing surprises for our skin, including for the delicate skin of the lips

In autumn and winter dry lips more often than usual. These tips will help solve the problem.

Causes of dry lips

In fact, the main reason for the drying out of the skin is frosty and windy weather and lack of hydration. However, sometimes the dryness can indicate health problems or banal dehydration. To the dryness can cause colds, antibiotics, bad habits, excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks, which removes water from the body. If after following the following instructions you still have too much dry skin on the lips, consult a doctor, as this may be a symptom of serious diseases.

Трещинки на губах: как защитить нежную кожу от морозов

Drink more water

We have said that dehydration leads to drying of the skin, and skin lips in particular. To prevent problems you need to saturate the body with moisture. Drink at least 1,5 l of pure water (coffee and tea do not count) to maintain normal water balance of the body.

Don’t lick

Трещинки на губах: как защитить нежную кожу от морозов

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Show business

The lip-licking or biting is taboo! You transfer all the bacteria from the oral cavity to the lips. And if there are any cracks (and in the cold they will), you risk to zaedy. The regeneration of the skin in the lips is very slow, but the infection to bring — a piece of cake.

Make a mask for lips

Use a ready-made mask for lips or oil base (coconut, almond, olive) for a few hours before bedtime. This will soften the skin, saturate it with moisture and protect from further damage. Honey is a perfect cure for dry lips, as it is a natural moisturizer and contains many useful vitamins. And remove this mask with lip much nicer.

Трещинки на губах: как защитить нежную кожу от морозов


Use balms or oils, if you have frequently dry lips. They act as shields, protecting the skin from damage. Besides, they are lipstick fall evenly. The best option would be a lip balm with SPF, as it prevents photoaging of the already thin skin of the lips. It is important to use a balm under matte lipsticks, as they can overly dry the skin.

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