Cows tied to global warming

Global warming associated with cows

Cows cause 30% of the methane emissions that contribute to global warming.

NRS Impact and Ben Gurion University recently collaborated to minimize this climate phenomenon with microbiome technology that will reduce methane emissions from cows.

“The atmosphere is at risk, as is our health and the welfare of animals. It's like a candle burning on both sides '', & ndash; Sam Salman, Chairman and CEO of Impact NRS, commented.

It is clarified that today about 30% of methane emissions are associated with gas emissions from about 1.5 billion cows. This is mainly due to the microbial environment in their intestines. Scientists believe that converting what is currently becoming methane into milk would give humanity more food and less disease.

Israeli researchers are working on technology designed to improve the efficiency of cow's digestion.

& quot; Feeding a cow is an expensive process that requires land, water and antibiotics. Cows also emit methane, which causes global warming, and transmit disease to humans, & ndash; added Salman.

The product the Israeli scientists are working on has no name yet. Salman hopes he will hit the market.

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